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Playa el Agua

Playa El Agua has become one of the tourist destinations par excellence due to the great diversity of recreational activities and other alternatives offered by a paradise for your maximum enjoyment; where without doubt the word boredom does not fit in this place.

On the Isla de Margarita, Playa el Agua, is the most famous and visited beach. It presents a tropical scenario of semi-oceans crystalline waters, white sands and green palms that expand approximately 4 kilometers long and 30 meters wide in the northeast area of ??the island.
Playa El Agua has served as a stage for innumerable concerts and sports activities, such as the practice of bungee jumps, as well as flights on ultralight planes; usual practices developed daily in this magnificent place.

Playa El Agua is not simply a tourist site but it is also the refuge of a precious marine species, the turtle. It is considered a reservoir of turtle breeding, because during the whole year, these marine visitors come to this coast to spawn.