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Faro Punta Ballena

It is located in the city of Pampatar in the La Caranta sector and was inaugurated in 2007.  
It has a prodigious and spectacular angle of observation of 360 degrees of Margarita and the Caribbean Sea; especially throughout the Pampatar region, as well as the Costa de Porlamar, Las Salinas, Cerro El Copey and the Castle of San Carlos de Borromeo. It is an establishment for military purposes but it is always there; open to the public in general.
The striking Punta Ballena Lighthouse is the imminent watchtower of the Pampatar coast, because before the apparition of the sunset dazzles with its brightness the whole place. Thanks to the movement of its light it carefully shines on the sea and on those mysterious places and long roads. The function of this structure is not only limited to serving as a guide for sailors and fishermen, but every day it is the touristic portal for all the seasoned tourists who wish to visit it and take away one of the best memories recorded in their memory.
The enormous tower measures 28 meters, has 8 balconies and has a unique architectural style alluding to the forts of the colonial century espa and ntilde; ol. During the climb up the stairs you could perceive a soft r; sea ??air blast and on its last terrace visualize & amp; a magnificent 360-degree panorama of the entire Margarite territory; or adorned by the green of nature, the turquoise tones of the sea and numerous birds that fly over the blue sky.